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Owners-Long Term and Seasonal Rentals

Arnold Homeowners ... Please see below for Requirements and Instructions for advertising your home for rent for longer than 30 days.

For long-term and/or seasonal rentals:


Owner: you are the owner on record of a home in Arnold, California, 95223.

Rental of 30+ days: you (directly or through your property manager) are willing to rent this home as a rental for longer than 30 days.

Business License: If required by Calaveras County, you have obtained and are maintaining a business license authorizing you to operate your property as a rental (or, if you are exclusively renting through a professional Property Manager, your Property Manager maintains a business license under which your property is operating).

Good Neighbor Guidelines: you are committed to promoting and enforcing this group’s Good Neighbor Guidelines, which promote best practices for responsible renting of our homes, all for the betterment of our community.

Terms & Conditions: you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, as they may change from time to time.

#bookdirect: you will lease directly to guests/tenants outside of companies such as Airbnb and VRBO (which charge booking fees).



Please email with the following information and statement:

-Your name (first & last)

-Your mobile phone number

-Your primary residence/mailing address (Street, Town/City, State, Zip)

-Your Arnold home’s address (Street, Town/City, State, Zip)

-Neighborhood within Arnold

-Preferred email address for guest contact

-Photo of your home (must be at least 600 x 400 pixels)

-# of Bedrooms

-# of Bathrooms

-Maximum # of Guests

-Date your property is available

-Term (e.g., Seasonal; Month-to-Month; 1-Year)

-Are Pets allowed?

-If you, the Owner, do not personally manage your rental activities, please provide the name of your Property Manager.

-“I certify that I meet the stated requirements to advertise my Arnold home on, that I am committed to promoting and enforcing’s Good Neighbor Guidelines, and that I agree to be bound by’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.”